Did you know you can save an average of $15,000 in commission and the advertising fees just by selling your property privately? The best thing is you save money while also being in full control and not needing to sign multiple contracts. The sellers can deal directly with the sellers without the need for a middleman. Buyers prefer to deal with the seller directly so by going private you might land a quick sale. You don’t have the pressure to drop the pricing in order to get a sale and you are not restricted to go with what the agents pressure you into. If for some reason the buyer ends up defaulting, you don’t need to pay anyone any type of commission.

When it comes to private real estate listings in Melbourne one way that gets results is good old technology. The internet makes selling your home easy and profitable. Most of the buyers searching for homes are going to the popular and well used portals and websites like realestate.com.au and buy my place.com.au Advertising online reaches more people from the comfort of your own home the old traditional ways like newspapers and notice boards are not the best and fastest way to sell your home privately anymore. You need to stay ahead of every other player in the market who deal and actively participate in the real estate market. If you wish to sell your property to a set of reliable and credible home owners, then it is best to target those people that are open to having background and personal information checks done and verified. This can be done easiest through internet where the documents just must be uploaded and processed and then submitted for every application instead of having to separately provide these documents traditionally.


The demands for property within the Melbourne area have grown heaps. The properties are then sold by the owners within days and without the use of a real estate agent. There is encouragement for venders to sell privately and to those that deal directly with the buyers. You can save thousands by selling yourself so why not do it. In the process, you will even end up learning a lot about the market and its functioning’s and soon be able to identify and capture a profitable share in the real estate dealings.

Taking less than 8 weeks to sell

Agents tell you that they need to put your home in a marketing campaign that lasts anywhere form 6-8 weeks long. This consists of placing ads of websites, print based marketing and open inspections. You can pay over $7,000 for this but it can vary from agent to agent. The catch here is the advertising fees still need to be paid whether you sold the home or not. This cost can be exponentially saved upon when the advertisement can be posted by you, much more effectively, just by knowing those few real estate hacks towards selling property privately and successfully.

private property sales

 Agents will tell you that 8 weeks is a good timeframe to market exposure. This is more to do with the amount of properties that are listed on their books more than anything else. The potential buyer doesn’t get much time to check the home out due to the fact they need short inspections to be able to fit it into their busy schedule. Or they react to a few additional features mentioned in the ads that stand out from the other listings such as probably a personal alarm system for those buyers that are security conscious. Hence it is important to have a property listing that have the advantages to stand out in the market.

When you are selling private you can schedule your own open houses to full or half days and on-demand if you like.

Ways to privately list a home in Melbourne

  • Notice boards
  • Internet real estate portals
  • Newspapers
  • Social media
  • Word of mouth
  • Pamphlets
  • Tv ads

When you are selling your home privately avoid all the cost of paying commissions and just chuck on a private property listing for your home in Melbourne and keep the money in your own pocket and avoid all the hassle that comes with real estate agents. All you need is a camera, computer with internet access and a printer to create listings everywhere form notice boards to social media. Add a few creative touches in the photos and a few descriptive words to your listing information remembering to include the highlights of your home and you are on your way to selling your home fast and easy. Try creating a GPS alert system for your website or ad which will automatically assist the interested buyer to find out the exact location of the property. This provides ease and convenience to those you view your ad or the platform containing various ads.