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Job Prospects Facing An Interior Designers During COVID-19

It is no secret that everyone is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This means the design world is no exception either. How does an industry heavily reliant on communication and personal interaction cope in such drastic times with social distancing in-place? Interior designers state that there is no easy way to deal with their businesses within a time that is continuously changing, and it is merely a matter of taking one day at a time.

For most designers, at this stage, it is still business as normal in most ways. It may have changed a little and many had to adapt the way that they operate. Many interior designers are working from home, and those with a team are working through meetings conducted via video conferencing. Interior designers can still work remotely to some extent.
When asked, most interior designers say the one thing they miss is shaking the hand of their clients at an introduction meeting.


Well as for the supplies we may be short of toilet paper, and cooking flour as most places have said, but there is no shortage on the supplies that are needed. Most interior designers in Australia are getting their supplies from within Australia, so there is no shortage when getting the supplies that designers need.

Working online

While there is plenty of work to do for interior designers as they continue to work remotely and move everything over to the digital landscape. Some designers may find it hard to adapt to remote communication lifestyle, and there is nothing that can be done to change this until the virus runs its course. More plans are being made to present more clients in more ways. For example, interior designers in Sydney can show clients from all over the globe their concepts and samples through video demos, or sent hard copy samples if they would like to see these visualisations in person.

Interior designers already have a plan in place if the work slows down or they are shut down altogether. The solution here uses this chance to make the business better and change things up. Go through the marketing plan, bring in some new initiatives like podcasts and blogs. Test out more ideas and reach out to people on social media platforms when you may not have had time to do so previously.

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It seems for most the situation has only come to a head within the past week. Many are still processing the impacts that the virus has had on the industry.Getting in touch with the other small businesses can be a great help when you need support or just some friendly advice. And remember, it’s good to go local; Sydney interior design firms may look to real estate agencies for referrals and exclusive deals to get customers looking to redesign their homes in quarantine.

There are many more hurdles that interior designers will need to get through in this pandemic state. As for the virus, no one knows if it will be around for a long time or will we one day wake up and it has completely gone. All industries, along with interior designers, need to have a backup plan. Hence, if we suffer another massive outbreak of the virus, there are business opportunities for industries like the interior designers and other stakeholders to help them stay in business and continue to bring in a steady income whether it be done in person or remotely. We are lucky to have interior designers when we find we’re stuck on bringing our visions to life and need the advice of a professional.