Different Types of Commercial Carpet 

Commercial carpet needs to be inexpensive, appealing but also resilient. The choices of carpeting are often based on the characteristic of the carpet fibres and the costing. The ongoing maintenance and traffic flow need to be taken into consideration when you are making the carpet selections. Commercial carpet patterns come in many different products that are suited to all different commercial buildings and work areas.

Before buying your carpet ensure that you have taken several of the accounts into consideration that is listed below:

  • The condition of the existing floor like water, moisture, mould
  • The décor 
  • The cost
  • High or low traffic

You will need to find a commercial carpeting centre that has good quality carpet for what you want along with the right price. Commercial carpet is a growing trend that is popular not only for buildings but homes due to its cheaper price and high resiliency.

There are plenty of carpets suitable for commercial buildings like 

  • Cut pile carpets
  • Cut and loop carpets
  • Level loop carpet
  • Broadloom carpets 
  • Carpet tiles

Cut pile carpets

This type of carpet is one of the best for commercial buildings with high traffic like classrooms and health care facilities. They have good durability and come in many different colours and decorative options. The cut piles can be all different thicknesses and they do provide a soft feel for the feet. Those office spaces that require plenty of work done on foot, mostly involving moving around departments to physically coordinate between activities, the cut pile carpet is considered ideal.

work stations

Level loop carpets

Level loop carpet is constructed with a variety of thicknesses and weights that have the same height and they are kept uncut so you will always get a smooth levelled surface. When it comes to selecting looped carpet the tighter that the loops are then it will be more resistant to crushing and matting. They prevent dirt and are very manageable to clean so they work well for high traffic commercial areas. Especially for those corporates where everyday cleaning is not plausible.

Cut and loop carpet

This type of carpet is a good option for commercial buildings that are high in traffic like lobbied areas. This type of carpet hides the grime well due to the different heights found within the carpet fibres. They come in so many different decorative options to choose from and offer high durability to. 

Broadloom carpets

Broadloom carpet is used for the larger areas that are wall to wall carpeting. These are often known as Vorwerk carpets. This type is nailed down so it cannot move around or shift with ongoing use. It does not penetrate the dirt and grime with the broadloom lacks in the seaming so it will keep looking like new for years. The only downfall with this type of carpeting is you need to hire a professional to clean the carpet it cannot be done yourself with a basic carpet cleaning machine.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are placed for a continuous area of the carpet. They often come in one square foot and are a good option instead of large carpets. If something is spilt on the tile and stains, you can simply just replace that one tile with another. Carpet tiles are cheap and with the ease of replacement and plenty of designs and colours, you can create different looks like checker squares or different rows of colour.

With all these different options that are available to you, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. Ensure you think about your needs and preferences before buying the carpet.