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Job Prospects Facing An Interior Designers During COVID-19

It is no secret that everyone is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This means the design world is no exception either. How does an industry heavily reliant on communication and personal interaction cope in such drastic times with social distancing in-place? Interior designers state that there is no easy way to deal with their businesses within a time that is continuously changing, and it is merely a matter of taking one day at a time.

For most designers, at this stage, it is still business as normal in most ways. It may have changed a little and many had to adapt the way that they operate. Many interior designers are working from home, and those with a team are working through meetings conducted via video conferencing. Interior designers can still work remotely to some extent.
When asked, most interior designers say the one thing they miss is shaking the hand of their clients at an introduction meeting.


Well as for the supplies we may be short of toilet paper, and cooking flour as most places have said, but there is no shortage on the supplies that are needed. Most interior designers in Australia are getting their supplies from within Australia, so there is no shortage when getting the supplies that designers need.

Working online

While there is plenty of work to do for interior designers as they continue to work remotely and move everything over to the digital landscape. Some designers may find it hard to adapt to remote communication lifestyle, and there is nothing that can be done to change this until the virus runs its course. More plans are being made to present more clients in more ways. For example, interior designers in Sydney can show clients from all over the globe their concepts and samples through video demos, or sent hard copy samples if they would like to see these visualisations in person.

Interior designers already have a plan in place if the work slows down or they are shut down altogether. The solution here uses this chance to make the business better and change things up. Go through the marketing plan, bring in some new initiatives like podcasts and blogs. Test out more ideas and reach out to people on social media platforms when you may not have had time to do so previously.

interior designer stuck at home with digital communication

It seems for most the situation has only come to a head within the past week. Many are still processing the impacts that the virus has had on the industry.Getting in touch with the other small businesses can be a great help when you need support or just some friendly advice. And remember, it’s good to go local; Sydney interior design firms may look to real estate agencies for referrals and exclusive deals to get customers looking to redesign their homes in quarantine.

There are many more hurdles that interior designers will need to get through in this pandemic state. As for the virus, no one knows if it will be around for a long time or will we one day wake up and it has completely gone. All industries, along with interior designers, need to have a backup plan. Hence, if we suffer another massive outbreak of the virus, there are business opportunities for industries like the interior designers and other stakeholders to help them stay in business and continue to bring in a steady income whether it be done in person or remotely. We are lucky to have interior designers when we find we’re stuck on bringing our visions to life and need the advice of a professional.

art benefits

Benefits of Art

Creating art is a very effective way to stimulate the mind for relaxation and leisure — anybody can do it. Below are some interesting points on how art improves the human body, and for you to learn the many benefits of art and why it is so valuable for mental health. We are all born with an innate desire to express ourselves and art encompasses a broader range of actions than you might have ever imagined. Here are some of the best ways creative expression can benefit your brain and psychological health to make you a happier, healthier person.

Growing Art Relieves Stress

Tasks like painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography are relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can decrease your stress levels and leave you feeling emotionally calm and clear. Creating art provides a diversion, giving your mind a rest from your normal thoughts. This can include art and craft, painting, or even special printing for an array or your artwork.

  • The average person has 60,000 thoughts daily and 95 percent of them are precisely the same day in, day out! Art can help reduce the stress of everyday thoughts and feelings.

Art Encourages Creative Thinking

Dr. Lawrence Katz is an internationally recognized pioneer in neuron regeneration study and author of Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness. He discovered that psychological decline was due largely to the reduction of communication between brain cells, not in the death of brain cells. Dr. Katz coined the term “neurobics” to explain brain exercises that use your senses in new and novel ways, and producing art certainly fits this definition. Below is a short list on how art affects the human body.

  • Art enhances problem-solving abilities.
  • Unlike math, there’s no one correct answer in artwork.
  • Art promotes creative thinking and allows you to develop with your own unique solutions.
  • Out-of-the-box believing also stimulates your brain to develop new neurons.
  • Contrary to popular belief, creative thinking doesn’t mean using the ideal side of your mind.
  • It entails getting both hemispheres of your brain communication with one another.
  • You may stick your kids’ art on the fridge door to boost their self-esteem.
  • Hanging your most recent work of art on the wall can instill in you the exact same feeling.
  • Creating art raises the “feel good” neurotransmitter dopamine, as it also promotes drive, focus, and concentration.
  • It lets you plan ahead and resist cravings so that you can accomplish your targets.

You Don’t Need To Create Fine Art

Crafting hobbies of all kinds — knitting, quilting, sewing, drawing, photography, general printing, gardening, woodworking, and do-it-yourself house remedy all increase dopamine, ward off depression, and protect the brain from aging.

Every time you take part in a new or complicated activity, your mind creates new connections between brain cells. Your brain’s ability to develop change and connections throughout your life is known as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity.
This manner, creating art has been demonstrated to improve psychological resilience and resistance to pressure. It is believed that intelligence depends upon the amount of brain connections than the dimensions of the mind.

Art Lessons Make Children Better Students for Life

  • Educators and parents alike have speculated that arts and music programs make better students. Now, with neuroimaging, science could eventually back this up.
  • Kids with musical training work better in mathematics, language, and reading.
  • Early music lessons improve brain plasticity and increase blood circulation to the brain. There is evidence that the brain-enhancing advantages of music lessons received during youth can follow through maturity and last a lifetime.
  • It also increases brain plasticity, fluid intelligence, IQ, and focus.
  • Music lessons can also improve overall behaviour and decrease impulsiveness.
preparing for an art exhibition

Planning for an Art Exhibition

Whether you are exhibiting your own work or that of other artists, holding an art exhibition is a uniquely enriching experience. But, it can be a real challenge to bring together a lot of distinct components in a cohesive and purposeful way. That’s why when you are staging an art exhibition of your own, it is vital to have a strategy curated by a trusted business advisor. As soon as you’ve selected a theme for your exhibition, you may start taking submissions from interested artists, pick a suitable place for the event and build marketing buzz that will enable your collection to be viewed and appreciated by as many people as you can.

Locating Art to Display

Pick a unifying theme. A Fantastic art exhibition ought to Be characterized by a prominent theme that ties the various pieces together and makes them feel as part of a bigger whole, carefully decide the message you’d like your message to bring to the viewers. It might be a picture or occurrence, a feeling or a particular visual technique.

  • The more specific your theme, the better. As an example, “Black and White” is too general to make much of an effect, whereas “Isolation and Womanhood” investigates a much more interesting pairing of thoughts.
  • Consider giving your display showcase a title. A catchy name like “Neon Daydreams” can help create attention and point more clearly into the subject being presented.

Select your most impressive work. Pick out a couple of your best or latest pieces to put on screen. If you are holding a solo display meant to highlight your own work, you will have to have anywhere from 10-30 individual pieces to reveal. The topic of the exhibition ought to be represented in every production.

  • Spend the weeks leading up to the display producing original pieces which you are able to unveil for the first time on opening night.
  • Plan on exhibiting more bits if the job you do will be on the small side.

Contact local artists for submissions. Do a little research through web content on other musicians in your area and see if they would be interested in taking part in your own exhibition. Collaborative efforts can be an excellent chance for many unique artists to showcase their artwork at the exact same event, leading to a more varied and well-rounded display.

  • Narrow your attention to artists that have a similar fashion or have a tendency to produce works associated with the theme you are presenting.
  • Holding an exhibition together with other artists will also permit you to split the expense of the venue and rental determinations, licensing expenditures, framing and promotional materials.
  • Give artists credit for their work

Work with unique mediums. Your exhibition does not need to exclusively feature paintings or sketches. Don’t hesitate to solicit works from website designers, photographers, sculptors, and other kinds of visual artists. A wide-ranging choice of works will give collaborations a lively atmosphere and provide your patrons longer to enjoy.

Other artists such as musicians may be helpful on the night to add to the ambiance but:

  • In general, it is better to stay with art it’s possible to frame, hang and market.

Organizing the Event

Photography 300x200 - Planning for an Art Exhibition

Establish a date and time. Organizing art exhibition installations demand a thorough amount of coordination, so be sensible about the time you inflict on yourself. You will want to start planning your event at least 2-3 months in advance to give yourself lots of time to get ready. If possible, pick a date close to the weekend when more people will be off from work and searching for things to do around town.

Save a place. Begin looking for a suitable place to hold your own exhibition. One obvious choice is to rent out a studio or gallery area, but remember that you’re not confined to traditional art places–you could also ask around at restaurants, cafes, community centres, churches, neighbourhood companies and small business advisors to see if they would be willing to help sponsor your own event.

  • Maintaining your first exhibition in a more casual setting, like a restaurant or coffee house, can help you to get over your jitters.
  • Make sure that the place you choose is clean, well-lit and big enough to comfortably hold all of the art you intend to display.

Price your artwork well. The aim of an exhibition isn’t merely to showcase an artist’s work but also to sell it. As soon as you’ve got pieces to put on screen, you can consider how much you need to bill for them. Attempt to set prices which are fair to both you and the purchaser, taking into account factors such as the moderate, technical sophistication and the labour that went into making the item.

  • If you are collaborating with other artists, you will need to work together to come up with costs for the bits they have contributed.
  • Not everybody will have the ability to pay for a full-sized painting or original picture. That’s why it is a fantastic idea to keep less costly things available, such as smaller works, sketches and publish reproductions which you could sell for a lower cost.

Create promotional materials. Print posters, flyers, pamphlets, create a craft web site and one-page informational advertisements that briefly describe the nature of the display and the sort of artwork which may be seen there. Make certain to include key details such as the date and time, place, dress code and entry cost (if applicable). If your exhibition will be a high-profile occasion, you could even think about doing a press release or interview with the neighbourhood news network.

  • Post your advertising in public areas like the local university or art college, coffee shops, clubs or even the neighbourhood bulletin board in the supermarket.
  • Mail out photo cards with the artists’ bios and samples of the work as personalized invitations.

Let the people around you know that you have an exhibition in the works. This might involve making a statement in person or submitting the event information on your social networking accounts. Sometimes, you may even have the ability to collaborate with the other artists to reach a bigger audience through their site, press releases or official advertisements.

  • Utilize media sharing programs to create a digital strategy on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr to preview pieces from your upcoming series.
  • You may also have your friends, family, classmates or colleagues help spread the information about your display by way of mouth.

Carrying Out a Successful Exhibition

Request a helping hand. Enlist the aid of volunteers, together with professionals such as movers, framers and lighting specialists. Together, you will have an easier time organizing artwork drop-offs and pickups, obtaining the essential equipment and screens into place and keeping your eye on the art to keep it from being stolen or damaged. A dedicated crew can alleviate the burden of trying to do everything yourself and ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

  • along with movers, it might also be a great idea to hire a photographer or videographer to capture the event on film, and a band or DJ to offer subtle musical accompaniment.
  • Delegate odd responsibilities and tasks to a group of volunteers to look after any last-minute preparations.

Set up the exhibition space. Your first order of business will be getting the art mounted and located properly. From there, you can fine-tune the light to be certain that every piece is well-lit and clearly visible. Envision how you would like your visitors to see and interact with the space, then construct a last layout that fulfils this objective.

  • The topic of your exhibition ought to be reflected in the floorplan. For an installation on institutional oppression, by way of instance, you might put up ropes or signs to limit and control your guests’ movement.
  • Do not forget to designate area for a meet-and-greet place, product tables or any other resources you think you’re going to want.

Engage with the general public. As visitors begin coming, make yourself available to answer questions and clarify the art that awaits them. This is often the most exciting part of the exhibition for the majority of artists, since it will provide you the chance to meet the men and women who will be purchasing and critiquing your art, discuss the finer points of your style and shed some light in your creative procedure.

  • If you have pieces on display yourself, make certain to stay close so that you could be readily identified as the artist.
  • Art exhibitions are social events at their core, so don’t be afraid to interact and have a fantastic time.

Offer light refreshments. Supply a few foods and drinks for your guests to enjoy as they take in the exhibition. Simple offerings like cheese, fruit, finger sandwiches and wine will be sufficient in most cases. If You are expecting a large crowd, you could spring for cocktail shrimp, mini quiches, hummus and other more substantial crowd-pleasers.

  • Like the rest of the display, your menu should be planned with your own venue in mind, in addition to the mood you’re trying to set (formal or casual) and the anticipated turnout.
  • More based art galleries will occasionally cover the Price Of catering large events.

safety online

Online Safety While Travelling

It is summer vacation season, when people pack up their tablets and smartphones, sunscreen and tank tops and setup to change pace for the more relaxed kind. With technology it has never been easier to find the way around, capture memories, remain in touch with friends back home or even undergo network performance monitoring for your business if need be.

When traveling it is convenient to utilize public WiFi hotspots in places such as restaurants and airports, Safety Advisor Sean Sullivan claims that public WiFi networks need to be considered as just that: public. As you are sharing the system with strangers, there is the danger that somebody is using easily available software which snoops on which you are doing, gathering your data for their own personal use. It might feel private since you are using your private device, but that is not the case.

Sean advises against doing anything through public WiFi which you wouldn’t want an eavesdropper to learn, such as logging into accounts with passwords. Utilize public WiFi for a subjects that you would be happy to discuss with a friend on the subway. Things such as banking you should really stick to doing at home.

Here are a few tips to keep you protected wherever you may roam on your adventure:

  • Do not let your device link to public WiFi spots automatically.
  • Delete out the WiFi access points you have used when you come back home.
  • Do not be logged in to programs you do not need while vacationing.
  • Check with the institution you are in, such as restaurant or hotel, to make sure that the network you log onto is actually theirs, rather than one a snoop has setup to deceive you.
  • Be conscious of your environment and anybody who may be attempting to glance over your shoulder.
  • For notebooks, disable file sharing and then turn on the firewall, placing it to block incoming links.
  • Utilize a travel router using a prepaid SIM card for your own private WiFi network.
  • A fantastic general rule: Assume anything that you do over public WiFi is a just like a dialogue you would be having with a friend in public.

Other tips to consider:

Lock your mobile device with a powerful password or utilize biometric security

When it’s possible, utilize both. This is the very first line of defence against stolen telephones and should not to be ignored. Make sure you have as much of a mix of letters, numbers and acronyms as you can. Biometric protection, like the use of fingerprints or iris scanners include an additional layer of security. It is portable security for dummies but considering a third of smartphone users don’t password protect their telephones, it is also a cautionary reminder.

Keep your software upgraded

If password shielding is your very first line of defence, then making certain that your software is running on the newest system cuts a near second. Before you travel, check out any software upgrades. A number of them include fixes for security issues, sealing cracks in the system. But do check if the upgrade has a deluge of unwanted testimonials and if they address safety issues first. If you are unsure or need assistance, it consultant companies are at hand to make sure you have the latest protection.

Disable Bluetooth for pairing apparatus

Another frequent error: besides draining your battery, Bluetooth is basically an open gate for hackers that can readily utilize this technology to gain entry to your cell phone. If you are not using it, just turn it off and if you are going to use it, make your device invisible to other people.

Establish a PIN

Preparing a PIN (under preferences) automatically sets up information encryption on newer Apple versions and ensures that your information is protected from unwanted eyes. It essentially locks the usage of the telephone by unauthorized users and it is completely free to do.

crane safety

Craning Above the World

With the rise of more and infrastructure, also comes the appearance of more and more of the largest cranes. To some it may be an eyesore, however, spotting them can become a hobby. They are not limited to the streets or suburbs of Melbourne but are an international phenomenon with cities all around the world booming at their expense.

If there is any indication of booming infrastructure and an increase in apartment buildings in Melbourne, cranes dominating Melbourne’s skyline is a very dominant sign of just that. A record number of 165 cranes working in Melbourne anywhere from Altona to Hawthorn and Fairfield based on the planning website Urban Melbourne.

The amount has surged 18 percent annually, driven by industrial improvements especially in the CBD, the website stated.

Tower cranes used on commercial jobs have more than doubled to 21 this season, such as those in the former National Mutual Life Centre on Collins Street and in the Mobil refinery at Altona. Operators say the leap in crane numbers, which have gone up 70 percent based on Urban Melbourne’s initial crane count in 2013, was driven by the increase of growth beyond the CBD.

Years ago tower cranes were largely seen and established in the CBD but are now beginning to rise in numbers around the suburbs, as observed by George Micevski, general director at General Cranes. Mr Micevski stated his firm was nearly entirely booked for next year, which was an unusual occurrence, and had lately obtained cranes out of Russia and South Korea to keep up with the demand. Crane hire companies are having to keep up with demand by importing cranes internationally in order to stay up-to-date with developments, such as Mr. Micevski.

MCG Cranes managing manager Mick Martin reported that five years ago roughly 95 percent of their organization’s cranes were working in the CBD, but now they had been in use in areas such as Glen Waverley to Mernda and Cape Schanck.

Mr Martin agreed there was a record amount of cranes in Melbourne and said that next year could be even busier as councils have been accepting more multi-level developments, and larger apartments were offered to families priced from freestanding houses.

Mr. Martin has said that the number of enquiries right now are most likely the strongest they have ever been. Another report reveals crane amounts for residential jobs have significantly increased to more than 40 percent in Australia since 2013, while cranes for non-residential work have moved up only 2 percent.

You would have found 654 cranes on operating improvements throughout the nation in the second quarter of the year – most of which have been for residential growth and development.

Building and property advisers Rider Levett Bucknall stated Melbourne accounted for 146, nearly a quarter, of these, while Sydney had 50 percent.

The newest RLD report showed that around Melbourne, both the CBD and surrounding suburbs have 43 (30 percent) cranes set up. The southern suburbs consumed 28 (19 percent), the north-west have 30 (20 percent), the south have 35 (24 percent) and the west have 10 (7 percent) cranes in operation.

Operators are optimistic regarding their near-term prospects, but cranes are a backward-looking indicator. A crane will appear between 18 months and four years after developers have gone through measures such as preparation, planning, permits and licenses as well as excavations.

The Reserve Bank recently put out a note of warning on developing property. The significant banks have decreased their industrial property exposures and also reported additional tightening in criteria for residential development financing.

business on holidays

Managing Your Business While on Holiday

Businesses and holidays do not always mix. So how do you possibly pull yourself away from your crazy, busy business life for two weeks, to have a vacation that you have needed for the last five decades? Just think of all of the things that could go wrong; all of the operational flubs that could go unanswered, all of the poor decisions in which may be taken, all of the accounts, which could be lost. You have climbed every mountain to be a successful small business owner, so you are at this point where now you have to let go, just for a bit. And then, think of all the things that will go right, and how you will get a holiday out of it! But how can you possibly leave company in the hands of your handful of workers as you go mountain climbing?

Because remember, with no work life balance and view that a vacation supplies, you won’t remain an effective executive. Do not feel prepared to take the plunge and revamp your management fashion? To get mentally prepared prior to your next holiday, perhaps take a read of the below top tips to try and understand how to take a little business vacation, whilst not stressing about your own business.

Network before and whilst you are away, and make sure you use a mobile job management system whilst you are on a vacation. Try to get clients acquainted with your proxies. And remember, do not let your email auto-responder be the one to inform your customers who to contact while you are on a two-week pleasure excursion. In the customer contract we make it very clear that my non-equity contractors and partner may get involved; transparency is crucial. Before you leave, try to maximize opportunities for employees and create a virtue of your need to rely on your employees as you are off, by simply asking your employees to perform more. It was great to see people step up and take more responsibility.

Sometimes, you just have to prepare for the worst. Prepare for the worst case whilst on holidays, but make sure you still relax. What is the worst that could happen? Just take this not as a rhetorical question but as a challenge requiring a comprehensive, documented reaction. Businesses all have their ups and downs, and you have to remember this as a life style choice. To keep peace of mind, try to access the business when you are remote through a business management system. If you cannot turn a blind eye on your business whilst on vacation, consider making some arrangements for virtual meetings and remote access to files via wifi or virtual meetings.

If no news is bad news for you, do bring your smartphone but put limits on its usage. Sometimes it is good to check your emails from time to time, but remember that you are on holidays! Make the most of it while you can.

Try to do a post-mortem. Debrief your staff and review yourself to ensure your next holiday is much more successful. Your small business vacation away from the company gives you the opportunity to learn a few big lessons.

Naturally, it is hard to envision your bootstrapped enterprise carrying on while the owner (you) is taking a well deserved holiday. When you have got your own company, it is tough to let go. But it becomes more comfortable as time passes. You are on holiday, try to make the most of it, and trust the people you have hired to carry out the jobs that need to be done.

starting a travel blog

Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

Travelling and learning about newer vistas, places, people, cultures and countries represent an irresistible, never ending platter for the soul. Travelling is serious business and this lies behind the creation of a special market niche, i.e. travel blogging. Audiences now like to be educated, conscious and abreast of travel hot spots in their radars by a trust advisor and herein lay the requirement for educational, illustrative and engaging travel sites.

Here are some possible indicators of this enormous, untapped online audience from the travel market you should know about —

  • Travel and tourism leads a staggering $6, 990.3 billion to the global market
  • Approximately $340 billion is gathered through online travel reservations globally
  • An overwhelming 30 percent of US adults use the World Wide Web to find travel related info
  • Adults browse a Few travel websites on an average, spending about 37 minutes on the same
  • Best travel sites get upwards of 100, 000 unique visits every month

This just goes to show the massive potential that a well-crafted travel site has in recent times. Why is some travel sites insanely successful in comparison with thousands of other competitions? The solution lies in sharp, quality web page content that creates traffic in massive numbers.

The content which you present your readers with can make or break your site. On this very note, given below are some of the most useful writing tips that can allow you to transform your trip blog to a one-stop hub for international audiences.

Keep it original

Many travelling bloggers resort to blatant copying from websites of opponents in the name of research or just for some much needed inspiration. Though this might help you make your digital content more appealing to your readers in the short term, this will cause damaging your website’s ranking, search engine traffic and other penalties later on. Since lots of travel attractions or activities you intend to see have already been written about several occasions, original (non-plagiarized) writing is the need of the hour here without any comparisons with other travel sites.

Whether it’s about a trip to the Eiffel Tower (Paris), time spent in the Sydney Opera House (Sydney) or actions indulged in at the Island of the Gods (Bali), you always need to be sure that your content has a new spin. It should smell fresh and crispy.

Provide Comprehensive Information

As the noted resort critic for the Guardian, Sally Shalam, puts it, travel writing is all about detail, detail, detail. Become high quality advisors and provide accurate and precise information on hotels, food joints, roads, destinations, recreational areas and so forth. Shalam feels it is all about painting a picture of the travel undertaken so as to allow readers to experience the exact same vividly.

The most successful write-ups are those which cultivate reader encounters through comprehensive info.

Insert Unique Angles

Creating or sticking to a market is often what makes a travel site really successful with particular audiences that are online. The Nomadic Matt travel blog, one of the best rated globally, serves as an apt example. Here, you’ll discover loads of advice, tips and friendly tips woven into just about all blogs and this mostly relates to travelling on a budget. You’ll find engaging, attractive angles spawned by this market here, i.e. spending just $30 per day for a fantastic vacation and other thoughts.

The trick is to think of a special angle that could steadily establish you as a professional without seeming repetitive or dull. You have to zero in on something you’re passionate about, including markets like backpacking, pets, books, style, food and other regions conjoined to your travel piece. This will help keep your readers coming back for more!


Travel pieces are intended to be shared with readers in an educational way. Because of this, compose your bit on the traces of an engaging first person account of a journey or expertise. Past tenses must be avoided unless really needed. Put in some interesting opinions, facts, personal observations and descriptions into each blog article that you write.

However, you should avoid sharing these private moments or stories that you believe will not necessarily add up to the attention of readers. By way of instance, tales about how you captured malaria or suffered food poisoning ought to be left out unless it’s logical relevance.

Start Off Effectively

Begin your blog article with something innovative rather than simply drawling on about your airport ride and other mundane details. You will need to think of a personal anecdote or even two liners that basically set the tone for the exciting trip ahead of time.

Hooking the reader’s attention and building up that feeling of delight in them is possible with an interesting start.

Establish Strong Purposes

Do not go beating about the bush in terms of the crucial purpose, mission, objectives or essentially the entire point of creating the trip in question. Establish these functions early on itself without confusing the reader. Including essential information like the specific location, why you chose to venture there and naturally, how you got there.

Skip Chronology

According To most writing specialists, chronology doesn’t do any good when composing a travel blog article. Indeed, writers must concentrate on creating a singular narrative dialogue that interlinks the whole piece consistently. But you should keep the best pieces for your viewers, namely the unique discoveries, new adventures, descriptions, anecdotes and other crucial details. Select, choose and eliminate to form the best possible travel narrative!

Do not Forget Subtle Illustrations

The Success of any travel site article is dependent upon how well it reveals (not informs) and depicts something worth seeing without endeavouring to instruct and clarify didactically! As stated by noted travel writer and author of One Man and his Bike, Mike Carter, fantastic travel writing should encourage readers to listen into something exciting and discuss unique discoveries in the manner of secrets. This is where engaging visual descriptions or subtle examples work like a charm!

Writing a travel blog is basically a labour of love and is expected to be a real reflection of your own passion and dedication to the craft. The above writing tips, once right, will certainly help you elevate your trip blog to a new level!

travel victoria

Here, There, and Everywhere -Travel Victoria

When you think of Victoria, you may think of the MCG, the Great Ocean Road or any variety of our famous sights that tens of thousands flock to see every year. But how well do you really know our great state? We have brought you 18 ways to know you are a true Melbournian, now here is an opportunity to learn about some of the more obscure destinations and out-there actions which make Victoria amazing.

Tree surfing

Want to go out and hang 10, but do not want risk getting bitten by a shark or getting sand stuck in all the wrong places? Travel down to the Mornington Peninsula to test your chance at tree surfing may be right up your street. The thrill of going through 50 distinct obstacles across a five-tiered class will make you feel like Tarzan – and may make you want to bellow at the top of your lungs.

Bay Of Islands

This coastal park just past the famous 12 Apostles, located on the Great Ocean Road has stunning ocean views and lots of accessible beaches, which are often deserted.

Cliffs and rock piles dominate the bays, and gorgeous spring wildflowers are on display, and if you are daring, you can attempt to back your boat into the water through this steep boat ramp.

Tower Hill

While you are checking out Bay of Islands, visit Tower Hill. A violent volcanic eruption over 30,000 years ago created a funnel-shaped crater which was later filled by a lake, creeks, and islands and is now a stunning national park and home to over 200 kangaroos. Situated just past the 12 Apostles, this small crater-bound ecosystem is also home to koalas, emus, echidnas and water birds.

Tram Sessions

Get bored on public transportation and forgot your iPod?

No worries. Tram sessions run numerous free gigs on several trams around the city that will help you pass the time. It’s also a terrific way to discover some neighborhood un-earthed talent you might have never had the opportunity to experience while on your travels.

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain in Victoria’s Murray Region is home to a gigantic monolith stone that’s reputed to be one-and-a-half times the size of Uluru. Don’t believe us? You can go see for yourself! It is a remote and rugged area, but it’ all part of the reason why that mountain attracts so many visitors.

Squeaky Beach

If you enjoy the feel of sand between your toes, then perhaps you also like the sound of it also. The rounded grains of quartz create a squeaking sound when you walk in the snowy, dry sand in Squeaky Beach. The rock formations in the north end of the shore create a maze of passages for investigating Wilsons Prom – that, if you are an animal lover, is among the best places in Australia to spot wombats from the wild. This truly is one of the hot locations of any Victorian traveller, wanting to experience something a little different to city life.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Much like the thermal spa centers you may see in Europe and America, the Hot Springs in Rye is the only natural thermal mineral springs bathing and day spa centers, in Australia. After the discovery of an abundant supply of naturally heated healing mineral waters 637m under Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, it has become the perfect location to go if you will need to get away and unwind.

Enjoy travelling around Victoria with these above hot spot destinations for your perfect getaway.


The Story Behind the Worlds Biggest Accommodation Service

Long prior to Airbnb persuading strangers to sleep at one another’s houses and a $25 billion valued business, it was only an idea to pocket a few extra bucks and earn rent.

Following their initial guests, Airbnb’s founders recognized they were on to something larger than a stopgap for lease. They faced refusal lots of occasions — and made their own version of Obama O’s cereal — but the 3 creators of Airbnb have assembled a major business in the previous nine years.

It all began with an email. Joe Gebbia delivered his roommate, Brian Chesky, an idea: What if they left a designer bed and breakfast, complete with a sleeping mat and breakfast?

In 2007, the two roommates living in San Francisco could not manage to cover rent. The pair chose to turn their attic into a place which may fit three air mattresses. Together with the mattress and a night’s sleep came the guarantee of a breakfast also.

The group knew a Large design convention was coming to San Francisco, also it had been making accommodation hard to come by. They created a very simple website,, and purchased three air mattresses. The duo had met at school in the Rhode Island School of Design, therefore they believed acting as tour guides to designers was an enjoyable way to generate money.

Their earliest guests, two guys and one girl, showed up. Each guest Compensated $80 to keep on the bed. 1 guest, Amol, was just another designer who actually helped Joe and Brian in his or her demonstrations. “Being among the very first Airbnb guests feels just like being on The Tonight Show, but I did not know I had been on The Tonight Show,” Amol stated in 2012.

They soon understood it might be a significant idea. They got together with their previous roommate, Nathan Blecharczyk, to assemble it into a small business. They really worked on a roommate-matching service for four months till they recognized was already something. They then moved back into working on Air Bed and Breakfast.

The business launched another time and nobody noticed. The third Time was at SXSW in 2008, but they just had two clients, also Chesky was among these.

By summer 2008, the creators had completed a new version of Air Bed and Breakfast through agile test management and went to meet with investors. The entire experience was redesigned about taking just 3 clicks to reserve a stay; otherwise it was too challenging. Investors were not convinced.

Introductions to 15 angel investors destroyed the founder’s confidence with eight rejections, and seven individuals dismissing them completely.

Broke and in debt, they chose to establish Air Bed & Breakfast (again) during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. As they’d heard from their very first-time hosting, a hotel room deficit meant people could be searching for different choices.

Since the website wasn’t earning money, the men transformed cereal Boxes to Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains and offered them around the town for $40 dollars a pop. Everyone came with a limited-edition amount and information concerning the business. Their bootstrapped marketing plan frees them up with $30,000 to place toward the start-up.

TheOne VC who did take note was Paul Graham. Graham encouraged the men to participate in the Y Combinator, a prestigious start-up accelerator which doles out training and cash in exchange for a little slice of the company. The business spent the first 3 weeks of 2009 in the accelerator, focusing on optimizing their product through testing that meet istqb standards.

Even throughout Y Combinator, they still got rejected by investors. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures confessed in 2011 that he’d neglected to look beyond the Air Bed and Breakfast title and realize the company.

The business continued its scrappy business-building methods. Channeling their design backgrounds, the creators started an ambitious endeavour to make its hosts to adore the firm. They visited all of their hosts in New York to personally experience the service, write reviews, and professionally picture their places.

In March 2009, the organization eventually battled with the Air Bed & Breakfast name, simplifying it to “Airbnb.” No longer perplexing relationships with air mattresses.

A month afterwards, Airbnb eventually picked up a $600,000 seed investment out of Sequoia Capital in April 2009. Chesky explains it as moving from just eating salty cereal to “ramen-profitable.”

That is when the company hit the accelerator on expansion and learned a lot about their enterprise. Chesky famously lived only in Airbnbs for several months in 2010 so their workers were uninterrupted in the bedroom area left in their flat.

From 2011, four years after the initial aviation guests, Airbnb had been In 89 countries and had struck 1,000,000 nights reserved on the service. Additionally, it eventually won the break-out cellular program award at SXSW — despite having attempted to launch there 3 years before.

Shortly afterwards, the fast-growing start-up hit a snag. One host had their accommodation completely trashed. Other hosts began complaining about visitors throwing ragers or departing their location in disgusting shape the subsequent morning. The business started implementing an insurance, upping it to a $1 million “Host Guarantee” to cover not only property damage but also individual injury of both guests and hosts by summertime 2012. Of course, hosts were still required to take injury prevention measures even with this policy, with all accommodation offerings needing to meet the bare minimum standards of the country, state and council it was situated in

The Business also faced an increasing problem of people becoming entangled or evicted from leasing out their place on Airbnb. Cities shortly had an increasing issue with Airbnb rentals, and also the organization’s regulation headaches started.

With legal conflicts (and unruly guests) plaguing the home-sharing Platform, Airbnb chose to do a redesign in 2014. The new emblem, known as the Bélo, was immediately criticized for appearing more like genitalia than the usual sign of belonging.

Despite its emphasis on belonging, cities Began to reject Airbnb rentals. New York threatened to prohibit Airbnb and short-term leases in 2014. Many town legislations made it illegal to rent out your place for under 30 days.

Even Airbnb’s hometown in San Francisco was not satisfied. The Provider Spent over $8 million at the autumn of 2015 to fight a citizen-led ballot initiative intended to restrict the Airbnb rentals.

There’s been some improvement, however, of towns tripping Airbnb entirely. To the business, even with the conversation with towns is meaningful, since it means they are eager to analyze old legislation in the face of change.

Regardless of the regulatory concerns, the Business attempted to behave on Its own “Belong anywhere” promise. It began gathering resort taxes and remitting them to a few towns. Additionally, it is vowed to provide cities a few of its information as part of a “community streamlined.”

The occasional rager and legislative wars haven’t slowed the Business from turning into a force, both inside Silicon Valley and as a steadily growing competitor of this resort market; with hosts increasingly diversifying their offerings to compete with more and more temporary accommodation services by also offering medical equipment rental among other specific features for the duration of a guest stay.

A fresh report by Goldman Sachs reveals that Airbnb users that attempt the Service when are not as inclined to favour resorts for their next holiday. And rather than lacking investment, the business that once subsisted on leftover Cereal boxes and has been turned down on lots of occasions closed with an estimated $1.5 billion in funding in 2015. The company that began with three air beds and broke Roommates is currently worth over $25 billion.


Scandinavia and Melbourne: A Passion for Timber

Rick McDonald got his start in the furniture-making sector because of an auspicious location. Growing up in south-west Victoria, his neighbours had a purpose-built grandstand for their annual bull sale. With no use for it anymore, McDonald’s neighbours provided him what amounted to kilometres of messmate wood in exchange for him taking it down. McDonald says, in his Brunswick studio, that it is worth a lot of cash pulling a piece of wood out of a still-considerable stack out the back of his workshop. His furniture business, produced by Morgen, is about three years old.

You may have seen McDonald’s minimalist reefs round town at health and wellbeing studio Universal Practice, KX Yoga and smoothie-maker Green Cup in South Yarra. You can also now find his pieces at design shop Simple Form, but the vast majority of his job involves custom orders for architects, interior designers and people.

Recalling a current project that involved him blowtorching a boardroom table for a dramatic, charred effect, he observed that architects know how to design a room, but they do not always know how to design furniture from laminated glulam timber products for the area. He also sells his made-to-order solid wood tables and sideboards direct from his website.

Feeling disillusioned after nearly a decade in the construction industry, a second storey home extension and renovation a couple of years ago triggered McDonald’s shift in direction. He bought an apartment in North Melbourne and did most of the fit out himself. He says that that was the first time he got to be creative and functional at the exact same time.

One look at the smooth, clean lines of his work and you’ll understand what McDonald did and how he did it: he travelled to Scandinavia. He spent over a year in Denmark (as well as Berlin and London) working and studying with a couple diverse manufacturers. Drawn back to Melbourne for a variety of friends’ weddings, McDonald did not plan on staying. But, incidentally, his friend was going to open a smoothie shop. Green Cup was his very first job. McDonald says of this fit-out – tables and stools made from Tasmanian oak and powder-coated white, it gave him confidence.

The “Morgen” in Produced By Morgen (which he formally launched in 2014) was a nod to the title given to him by his father – a man with a trend for dispensing random nicknames. A studio visit can show a lot about an artist. Among ceiling-high silver exhaust pipes, sanding machines and one quite threatening mechanism which flattens wood at high speed are a lot of touches that counter the industrial vibe.

Above his immaculately organized carpentry tools and engineered architectural timbers and frames hangs an art by McDonald’s friend David Aldous – who rolls ink on felled trees, then transfers their “fingerprints” onto paper – while a cascading fern adds some life to the white brick inside. Like his workshop, McDonald’s bits walk the line between warm and cold – using Scandi minimalism offset by subtleties like dovetail joins (which resemble fingers interlocking) and no steel runners. His pieces are free of complex flourishes, and place wood firmly in the spotlight.

Motioning to a mini-assembly field of bedside tables for Simple Form in Seddon, McDonald says he does not wish to cultivate his company much beyond the present operation, which includes only one other fulltime carpenter and buyers who tend to be home extensions and renovation builders in Melbourne. This implies, like a lot of small-business owners, he frequently has to force himself to take the odd weekend away.

He enjoys working on the weekend when there’s nobody there. He says the stresses of the job are completely different to the pressures of his old job. “There’s good stress and there’s bad stress.”

fashion in sports

How Sports Stars Influence Men’s Fashion

Firstly, I want to guide men to Conor McGregor’s Instagram account @thenotoriousmma for Design 101 tutorials. It’s not simple injecting your personality into exactly what to wear. It appears effortless, but it surprisingly is not.

The simpler a guy makes it seem, the further inimitable he is and more vexing for the guy who’s not him. Sports has completely altered the face of menswear bringing with it fashion icons and stars in manners Hollywood and style itself never could.

Trainers are readily finding their way into the front row or as brand ambassadors not only for New York Fashion Week, but also for fashion businesses. In 2005 previous National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner David Stern place what was called the “minimal” dress code for basketballers which extended beyond the basketball apparel players could wear on court.

It’d be business casual rather than the raggedy hip hop inspired seems they’d ardently embraced. Largely as a result of most basketballers being African American. This is exactly what they’d wear on the seat when hurt, coming or departing from matches, for media conferences and general appearance.

The extremely long list of all of the banned stuff contained do rags, bling, baseball caps, drapes and sunglasses worn inside. This, of course, wasn’t beloved by the players that loved to observe the hip hop culture. Regardless of hiccups Stern was unflinching. Over the years NBA players took business casual as a tool to fool around with, a challenge they can work around when not in their typical sublimated basketball uniforms when playing.

A Style That’s Not Sorry

Together with their well over 6 ft 6 typical height it had been close hopeless dressing these guys. It required a great deal of PR, invoking of stylists along with a constant flow of receptive minds before bespoke athletic wear turned into something. Input the connection with style. Which over time coalesced together with all the great Michael Jordan’s billion-dollar annually enterprise best called Air Jordans.

It ends up the critical moment was technology by Vogue US In 2008 when they had LeBron on the pay. It smacked designers around the nose so tough they couldn’t afford to dismiss the NBA as a chance. At that point vanity kicked in. Apparently stated 6 foot 8 guys made for beautiful male specimens that seemed fantastic in all.

The arrival of an athlete for a brand almost always begins with his picture. Whenever you have pro-athletes immersing themselves in vogue not only like a clothes horse however as manufacturers who associate with different brands or are benefitting their own, you understand the sports-fashion bond means company.

Sports is why athleisure use exists. It profoundly Changed the landscape of road fashion. Pro-athletes now seem more like gentlemen compared to anything else influencing sports fans to buy everything from clothing. If you’re a high fashion brand searching for an investor then you might just as probably find it bankrolled with a pro-athlete because they might also be a venture capitalist.

Sports that we can zoom into in soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, NFL, F1, golf, boxing and tennis, graphics that move round the globe, are recorded in GIFs (picture files broadly utilized online) and are shared on social websites in moments makes athletes the ideal ambassadors.

It’s a shame Kenya hasn’t managed to give birth to more exciting players in menswear in regards to style. Conor McGregor for example is well known for his loud, refreshing, large, unforgettable fashion. Both at the octagon and out of it. It’s daring and unapologetic, words usually utilized to characterize Rihanna’s style.

Nothing exemplifies male fashion quite like the pragmatic sighting of a pro-athlete. They are constantly on the move once we see them, evidence that menswear doesn’t need to be inflexible even when it’s functional, we’re attracted by their utter manly power and the beauty of the form. That physical assurance with which they adopt style and their capacity to dangerously swipe the lines involving overly flamboyant and just about right, and our willingness to forgive them when they perform. Here’s the ironic part. Hip hop artists now train and look like athletes.

It is not only the clothing either. Accessories for example Bags, hats, caps, jewellery, belts, skin care, facial hair, hairstyles – that they specify trends in not-so-subtle manners. The interesting thing about fashion and sports is the way that it is much more of a man thing.

America’s Women’s National Basketball Association doesn’t draw the interest of the business. Female pro-athletes using a leg in Fashion could be picked off one by one. Runways don’t affect men instead confusing them. It’s the celebrity athletes that bring character and Identity to the match, breaking it down into acoustic components, behaving as translators.

breakfast in melbourne

Hot New Breakfast Trends in Melbourne

For over two decades, Melbourne cafes are the winners of all day breakfast and brunch. From these early days of eggs; scrambled, poached, fried or turned into sandwiches, breakfast has become quite the thing with wave after wave of fresh fashions gripping the best cafes throughout Melbourne. We have gone from being mad for breakfast wraps and everything with Turkish bread to an obsession with baked eggs (often Israeli or shakshuka style) and French toast in a myriad of forms. Now crushed avocado is so omnipresent it is nearly breakfast restaurant cliche, and, with more people making great coffee at home, it’s inevitable these other yummy starts to the day also have moved on to our tables at home. Here are the current favourites.

We have seen Egyptian dukkah pepping up boiled and poached eggs for some time. And even at it’s most fundamental, this coriander seed, sesame and nut combo include delicious crunch and flavour pop to any style of eggs you cook in your home, making the effect of Lebanese flavours seems especially powerful. So how about adding hummus, falafel, labneh and a sour tomato salad into your hard-boiled eggs like they do, or pairing the eggs together with the smart combo of marinated feta, hummus, roast pumpkin, pickled beetroot and pumpkin and sunflower seeds such as the Gardener and Field at Melbourne. Then you’ve got eastern cafes ploughing the exact same very fertile Lebanese furrow. How does scrambled eggs with labneh and sujuk sausage sound?

Breakfast pannacottas are a little dessert now popular in most Melbourne cafes catering hawthorn and other trendy suburbs. Often in the style of a pomegranate, honey, and lavender pannacotta. It’s all part of a move to serve dessert for breakfast that means you will see small pancakes and banana bread pimped up with fruit, berries, nuts, caramels and ice cream. Seems like Australia’s coolest cafes have been hitting the backpacker trail for inspiration, whether it’s Vietnamese “pho” with rice noodle and chook or tamarind prawns on a Vietnamese scrambled eggs. Then there is banh xeo in Shannon Bennett’s Jardin Tan in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens.

Forget cornflakes, instead search for more exotic grains and cereals, whether its quinoa flakes, amaranth or white corn meal instead of oats with coconut quinoa bircher or the slowcooked five-grain porridge. For more inspiration consider additional breakfast grain dishes like Chinese congee, red rice for this breakfast rice pudding, or a brown rice stir fry with prawns, chorizo, fresh chilli, coriander leaves and lime. Or take inspiration from the wealth of unusual seedy, nutty and grainy muesli or granola out there — possibly utilised in another trendy fashion, the breakfast trifle.

Paleo, fermented, vegan, superfoods, green juice, coconut oil, and cacao have all become buzzwords of the contemporary cafe menu. We are seeing a growing number of dishes, such as chia seed porridge, possibly loaded with LSA (that is linseed, sunflower and almonds to me and you) and even takes on salads hitting breakfast menus. In the home, this can be as simple as adding kale or a fermented dose of kim chi to your egg and bacon roll. At the Piggery Café in Sherbrooke, fermented, cashew nut milk and ground almond pancakes are flying out the door.

It might seem like a long shot, but how about a slice of breakfast terrine, perhaps made with pork hock with loads of mushrooms? Or a bacon packed breakfast, including meat loaf with whole eggs … or how about those breakfasts that have been popping up on menus like the chorizo scotch eggs at Fifty Acres in Richmond.

The breakfast trend is here to stay, and in fact has been so popular that several yarra valley weddings have apparently seen couples opt for an early ceremony so that amazing breakfasts could be served at the reception.

With so many amazing options I’m already planning my next brunch; got a favourite Melbourne café? Let us know in the comments section!

the house at a beach

Beach House Decor Ideas

Are you dreaming of endless summers and living by the shore? Regardless of what your location is, you can bring that beachfront feeling in your home by decorating it with all the colors and accessories typically found in beach houses along the shore. Bring the outdoors inside with fresh beach style furniture or put in some brightly colored nautical fixtures. The possibilities are endless once you use the sea and coastline as your inspiration.

Choose a Coastal Living Theme

Lots of people look back on their youth and fondly recall relaxing family excursions to the beach. Then there are others that are fortunate enough to take in the sun and surf every day, where the smell and texture of the sea air are just a few minutes away. It is possible to bring the appreciation of the sea’s natural serenity and beauty in your home by developing a coastal refuge with these beach house decorating ideas and coastal furniture.

Coastal living is relaxed and comfortable, and it delivers a no-fuss approach to style. It combines both indoor and outdoor living to accommodate entertaining large groups of individuals or romantic dining for two. Rooms are open, light and fresh, and they use natural colours. There are several elements that go into creating a house in tune with coastal living. Selecting a coastal living motif is the first step in selecting your beach theme décor. The secret is to make your indoor space flow seamlessly with the outdoors. Here are a few topics to give you some beach home décor ideas:

Beach Cottage

A beach side cottage may be an eclectic mix of coastal, vintage, with inspired pieces such macramé, baskets, hurricane lamps, rope accessories, jute rugs and shell lamps or ribbons. Think rattan or basket weave furniture and remember the hammock or Adirondack chairs for outside.

Contemporary Coastal

This style provides a bright, sunlit appearance to interiors. This is a superb theme to use if you wish to create a timeless look, sticking to fundamental finishes and simple lines. Pared back art and beach-style furniture produce this theme without a cluttered appearance.

Walk on the Beach

It doesn’t matter if you stay on a beach or just dream about it sometimes. You can find the sense of being at the shore by improving the natural beauty of your home with sea-themed squares, crisp white backdrops, and splashes of bold colour. You could even use this motif outdoors and include a colourful hammock to unwind in after a hard day’s work.

Almost Paradise

Create a tropical oasis with beach décor in Australia by incorporating vibrant colors, bold prints and natural decorative pieces such as woven textures, palm tree themes, tropical wildflower rugs into your interior design.


You can give any room in your home a nautical motif. Seaside themes can be daring, classic or chic. House of home has an excellent group of nautical-themed home products from wall art to elegant carpeting. Some folks would rather turn their house in a coastal living beach house as a means of beating the winter doldrums. It could be cold and rainy outside, but there’ll be a warmer vibe inside. Some quick fixes to easily transform your winter house to a coastal sanctuary include:

Including a statement plant – By strategically placing an orchid, fern or palm, you’re making a bold comment about needing your house to feel and look like the tropics. It doesn’t have to be a living plant.

Switching out colored linens for white ones – Pure white towels, crisp sheets and even sheer curtains have an integrated shore look, and it is going to automatically make your house feel clean and bright.

Updating your patio or porch furniture – Once you clear the clutter out of your porch or terrace, add a few pieces of white wicker furniture and a couple of bold throw pillows to make a tropical oasis.

Including the bedrooms- An easy beach-print or nautical comforter and sheet set combined with a couple of coral prints or a shell motif will lighten up any bedroom.


When choosing materials for your coastal theme room or home, think about choosing those with a raw or rough finish for a more rugged, natural look and texture. Keep in mind, to be certain to stick to the identical colour palette throughout the whole room. Some common substances used for a coastal living-themed space include:

Raw Timbers

Including driftwood, stone, and reclaimed timbers. Engineered wood furniture such as chairs and tables provides a rustic and authentic feel.


Fabrics such as canvas, cotton, stone-washed lace and linen provide a natural appearance, and they are also durable. They could withstand large families and young children. Rope lighting is a fantastic illustration of how sturdy fabrics offer the backdrop for a remarkable coastal living room.

Texture-weaved Wallpaper

Grass weave or grass cloth wallpaper with smooth lines and neutral colors subtly brings an air of elegance to your walls. It not only shows great flavor, but it is also a terrific way to make a warm and comfortable haven in your dwelling.


Silver ornate mirrors, which reflect the natural light through an entire room are a fantastic addition. This looks especially amazing with a wall of windows which open up toward the sea.

Colour Scheme

Coastal living décor uses mainly neutral colors. These colors can be emphasized with corals, oranges and yellows for warm colors, and turquoises and greens for cooler colors. Make these colors strong throughout your room or your entire home. You can also create your coastal appearance by using one accent color throughout the room. Some of these color schemes, such as blue-grey, reflect an easy-going beach vibe, though a warm gray colour is a pure scheme you see in shore pebbles and driftwood.


Casual coastal living style furniture creates a relaxed atmosphere throughout your interior decorating style and creates a sense of relaxation and calm when using plush linen sofas and lounges. Some terrific pieces to consider are couches, armchairs, and ottomans that are oversize to accommodate larger groups of people. If you would like to keep your contemporary beach house décor theme, consider selecting coastal furniture from no earlier than the mid-20th century. Again, using a neutral color with a dash of something daring will go perfectly in a room with this layout.

Another idea would be to use handmade furniture made from wood, which can be lime-washed, whitewashed or distressed, to add heat to a room. You don’t need to spend plenty of money on shore home furniture to achieve this appearance. Whether you go to your beach house just during the summer or reside there year-round, you might want to generate some updates from time-to-time to keep it clean and comfortable, follow the above tips and tricks and you’ll feel as if you are in a completely new, fresh, space every time!

buy mens shoes from reputable shops

Shoe shops for men in Melbourne

Let’s face it, it’s not just about women’s shoes anymore, shoes are now considered the style staple of every trendy guy’s wardrobe. Famous for their flexibility, innovative material, up-market appeal and ability to enhance any outfit, shoes are no longer for shoes. Shoe shopping is never an easy task which is why a list of the best sneaker shops in Melbourne has been created.  


Shop 27/287 Lonsdale Street 

Capsule has an established shop at the Emporium shopping center, situated in the very heart of Melbourne’s CBD. They are home to numerous sneaker collaborations, particularly ones with Asics. What sets them apart from the competition is that their website includes a section called ‘Stylistics’, which is a set of photographic blog articles that provides suggestions about the best ways to wear your shoes and what outfits they can go nicely with. If you are ever in need of style inspiration, then Capsule is always there to help. 

124 Shoes

Shop 24/16-30 Russell Place 

124 Shoes are known as ‘authentic shoes, not for the ordinary’. It is a really fitting mantra to the brand, considering that each and every shoe is made with tender loving care. All these are specially chosen from Italy’s best labels, produced by second and third generation shoemakers which have utilized traditional artisan methods to create the ideal shoe. If you’re searching for real quality and powerful lasting energy for your shoes, look no further than this shop. However, all of their selections are Italian manufacturers only.  


Shop 1/265 Little Bourke Street 

Sneakerboy guarantees an experience you will remember long after your feet have slipped into your own kicks. They had quite the hype at the lead-up to their shop openings in Melbourne and Sydney. What is different about this brand is that it does not adhere to the standard retail version. Instead, the store is a showroom with their inventory, where you try on the shoes in store and then buy shoes online,  wait a couple of days and before you know it, your shoes have arrived on your doorstep. 

Up There Store

Level 1/15 McKillop Street 

One quaint small Melbourne shop that’s devoted to supplying a nice assortment of internationally sourced labels and shoes for men is Up There. Located in Melbourne’s CBD and two other convenient places, Up There pitches itself on quality men’s dress shoes together with unprecedented product knowledge to back this up. As a bonus, the shop also provides online sales and shares some of the best boutique clothing. 

Culture Kings

1 Queens Street 

Culture Kings is the best destination if you are searching for a one-stop shop for all matters of streetwear including snapback hats, crewnecks and needless to say, sneakers. Shopping there is an indulging experience to the say the very least they have DJs playing the best songs from all over the world and even barber’s on hand. You are going to be buying shoes while pumping to the beat all day, emerging out a completely new man. 

Hype DC

139 Swanston Street 

This shop is a top choice if you are a guy who wants the most recent kicks, but does not comply with the fashion trend religiously. What is good about Hype DC is that they are among the very widely available stores, with stores around Melbourne. If you are too lazy to leave home, they have an online shoes store where you can research the products. And if you are concerned that you might not be able to pick up your purchase, they also provide quick free delivery to your workplace.  


149-151 Swanston Street 

Very similar to Hype DC, Platypus is easily accessible with various shops around Melbourne and more than sixty stores in Australia. So no matter where you reside, you are certain to find one close to you. They have plenty of iconic shoe brands from all over the world, which is great if you are not one to go from store to store in your search for the perfect sneaker. 

Prime Athletic

188-190 Little Collins Street / 227 Barkly Street / 234 Brunswick Street 

Prime Athletic are the people’s shoe shop, with just 3 stores in Melbourne. First opened in 1997, it has since become a Melbourne destination for the style-savvy, bringing customers in with its relaxed vibes.  Over seventeen years later and they are still standing against the big guns, a testament to their approach which does not overwhelm you with fashion jargon. Their website has a ‘Prime Daily’ segment, a hub where site articles are updated frequently with new products bringing you style inspiration.  


101 Collins Street 

For the cultured gentleman whose toes deserve only pure luxury, Harrold’s is the go-to sneaker place. The Melbourne luxury department store shares a few of their very extensive sneaker ranges from designer labels like John Lobb, Giuseppe Zanotti, Comme Des Garcons, Rick Owens and much more. The shop’s immaculately chic fit outside can also be a sight to behold as it shares a number of the world’s most distinguished labels such as Tom Ford and other men’s shoes.  

museums in france

12 must-see museums around the world

Museum of Modern Art  

Known all around the globe as MoMA, this glassy Yoshio Taniguchi-designed Midtown building boasts one of the most influential collections of modern art in the world. Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Magritte, Pollock and Warhol are all here. It also features performance art, architecture, design and a collection of 22,000 films, which have frequent screenings and retrospectives.   


This Frank Lloyd Wright designed museum has been exciting contemporary art lovers since it first opened back in 1959. It’s unique cylindrical shape is an artwork in itself. Inside, visitors can take in the constantly progressing collection of impressionist, post-impressionist, contemporary and modern art displayed on the modular walls, that include permanent pieces by Louise Bourgeois and Francis Bacon.   

The Whitney Museum of American Art 

Designed by the same Italian architect who designed London’s Shard (Europe’s tallest building), Renzo Piano. The museum has a striking angular tiered exterior and inside you will find an impressive collection of American contemporary art from the 20th and 21st centuries. The Whitney showcases a range of works from more than 3,00 artists across its many floors of display showcases, from sculptures, paintings and prints as well as video pieces and other media.  

Musée du Louvre 

A museum where art meets royal palace, the Louvre is mind-boggling in its scale and sheer wealth of treasures. From Classical sculptures, Egyptian relics and Mesopotamian antiquities to galleries of Renaissance paintings, Rembrandts and Rubens, medieval artefacts and French neoclassical and Romantic painting. The key to getting the most out of your visit is to note the key works you definitely want to see, and discover the rest through aimless wandering.  

Musée Marmottan-Claude Monet 

The Second Empire villa is one of Paris’ most secret gems. Characterised by its wonderful array of Empire furniture and the world’s largest collection of Claude Monet’s work – most of which were donated by the artist’s family.  

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul  

The Zaha Hadid-designed futuristic structure features a curvaceous metallic façade that lights up at night. It is one of Seoul’s greats landmarks and houses a number of art and design venues including a design museum as well as other exhibition and gallery spots.  

Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia 

Described as a “genuinely touching window on the human soul” by Telegraph Travel’s Chris Leadbeater, the stunning attraction showcases a collection of bizarre objects connected to romances that are no more. It subtly illustrates the tragic-comedy that is love. 

ArtScience Museum, Singapore 

The world’s first art and science museum is said to be the country’s largest interactive digital playground that explores nature, park, town and space. It also host’s several leading travelling exhibitions from around the world. 

Shanghai Museum, China 

The exceptional Shanghai Museum celebrates China’s vast cultural heritage. It’s galleries run from ancient bronze to Chinese calligraphy to Ming furniture – a must-see for fans of Chinese craftsmanship. 

Chichu Art Museum, Japan 

Japan’s ‘art island’ boasts a great number of world-class installations, unexpected cultural distractions and outstanding displays. The Museum is built mostly underground – so as not to tarnish the island’s large unblemished beauty – and features huge exhibition spaces built to compliment the artworks, by the likes of Walter De Maria and Monet.  

Museo Atlántico, Lanzarote 

The Museum is made up of an underwater collection of more than 300 sculptural works by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The installations can be found 14 metres beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean in Bahía de Las Coloradas (Coloradas Bay), off the south coast of Lanzarote and can be explored from glass-bottomed boats.  

La Specola 

Florence University’s natural history museum houses a charming, old-fashioned collection of botanical and zoological specimens, including a hippo that was gifted by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. But the final rooms are what visitors come to see: made up of a series on increasingly gruesome wax anatomical models, sculpted in incredible detail between 1775 and 1791 to aid teaching for trainee doctors.  

richmond wins premiership

Richmond Break 37- Year Premiership Drought

Richmond are premiers. Yes, you heard right. For the second year in a row, a Victorian football fairytale came true as the Tigers ended their 37-year drought with an enormous win over the Adelaide Crows.

Such a result would not have been thought possible last year when the Tigers ended their sorry season with a 113-point thumping in Sydney.

In front of 100,021 die-hard fans of the game, the Tigers dished out a 48-point shellacking to the Crows, who produced one of their worst displays of the year on the game’s biggest stage.

The Crows were unable to cope with the Tigers pressure, being outscored by almost 10 goals in the final three quarters of the game.

Tigers dominated them in contested possessions and tackles, leaving the Crows rattled and lacking the poise to move the ball with the usual fluency that has made them one of the most potent sides of the year.

Richmond captain, Trent Cotchin has spoken of his teammates “greed” to make sure that this year’s grand final win is not a flash in the pan.

As reality dawned on Sunday that the Tigers were reigning premiers, Cotchin said he felt “empty” following the final siren in Saturday’s grand final victory over Adelaide.

But as he enjoyed Sunday’s festivities at Punt Road on Sunday, Cotchin had already had half an eye to next year, with the Tigers keen to ensure they don’t have to wait another 37 years for the clubs next flag.

“The conversation we’ve had all year is that our best footy is ahead of us,” Cotchin said.

“(Saturday) was an outstanding performance from each and every player, but there’s so much more improvement in us.”

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick said it was too early to begin contemplating how the Tigers would cope next year with a target on their back.

“We’ll worry about that in due course. We haven’t really had time to think about that,” Hardwick said.

“We’re just going to enjoy it for what it is. We’ve embraced the whole finals series this year. We’ll embrace it for what it is now, and when it’s time to get back to work, we’ll get back to work. But we’ll be like the supporters – we’ll enjoy this one.”

Cotchin said the club’s huge supporter base deserved their long-awaited triumph, “I can’t imagine the pain they’ve been through, but now the excitement, the enjoyment that they get …,” he said.

“They’ve been there through thick and thin, and they’re thoroughly deserving of these moments.”

Expanding on the hours that followed the win, Cotchin said he had experienced a range of emotions from pride of the club and his teammates, pure joy and even some tears.

“The journey we’ve been on, for longer than 12 months, has been a special one and it’s been great being a part of it,” he said.